Program Boundaries

Program Boundaries and Map

The Penn Home Ownership Program (PHOS) serves a specifically defined area within West Philadelphia.

The boundaries for the Forgivable Loan Program extends to the east side of 56th Street, from Market Street to Paschall Avenue. The program area also includes the residential housing across from Pennovation Center. The border continues along the Schuylkill River while the northern boundary travels along Haverford Avenue, changing to Market at 44th Street.

The Closing Cost Reduction Program (CCRP) travels along City Line Avenue, Cobbs Creek Parkway, changes at 56th Street then again at Paschall Avenue, and includes the residential community across from Pennovation Center. The program's boundary continues along the Schuylkill River.

Below you will find an interactive map depicting the service boundaries of the PHOS programs. Simply type in the address you are interested in to learn whether that residence qualifies for the Closing Cost Reduction Program, or both assistance programs.